Zelina The Third Glyph Giveaway

by Stephanie Faye | ended at Monday, June 6, 2022 at 3:59 AM | 0 entered

Giving away signed copies of Zelina The Third Glyph, the final book in the Zelina Trilogy. YA/Middle-Grade fantasy ZELINA THE THIRD GLYPH Now that Zelina’s memory is returning, so are her powerful abilities. She has fought off multiple Medjay, lost friends, and finally made it home to Ecardia. Rune, her best friend, has been by her side since she woke up at Stonehenge with no memory. He’s fought beside her and taught her how to harness her powers. Now she’ll need him more than ever. The hunt for her father begins and all the lies will end. Zelina will find out the truth, but she may not like what she finds. Contestants have a chance to win an autographed copy of Zelina The Third Glyph. Not only that, but if someone you refer to the contest is selected, you automatically win, too. You'll have another chance to win by joining my mailing list, so make sure you opt-in.

Signed copies of Zelina The Third Glyph

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