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THE GLIMPSE, A NOVEL -- WIN a signed paperback copy or an EBook, Plus a $20 Amazon Gift Card

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THE GLIMPSE is a fast-moving novel with a compelling theme of the role faith plays in helping us forgive and restore life's most meaningful relationships. How do you forgive someone for an unforgiveable act? Is faith enough? How do you know if God exists if you can’t see Him? Or can you see Him—in glimpses? Nick Conway, a 39-year old advertising executive is on top of the world but inside, he’s withering away as the past comes to haunt him just as he takes on a new advertising account—one that taps into all his old wounds and resurrects his broken relationship with his father. To top it off, his former girlfriend, Ally Grant, is part of his advertising team. Can he survive the hurt of his past with his father and learn to forgive? Can he be forgiven for his mistakes with Ally? Would rekindled love help him on this path? Through a series of unexpected events, Nick sees something he has never seen before—four glimpses of God. Ally and Nick’s friend, Brett, will help interpret these glimpses to discern what God is trying to tell Nick about family, faith, and forgiveness. PLUS, you could win a $20 Amazon Gift Card.


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