Take a Journey into the Human Soul

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Win a signed copy of my compilation of short stories 'Journey into the Soul' and two coupons with a retail amount of $9.99 (max) each for FREE Beckon Ice Cream products.

Journey into the Soul

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This is a signed copy of the paperback version of Journey into the Soul. Every human being that has ever lived, or will live, is a soul. Moreover, although, as souls, we have our differences, two things are certain. We all belong to the same race, the human race. And as such, we all experiences the same emotions, love, hate, fear, wonderment, rejection, peace, loneliness, empathy…the list goes on. In light of these facts, all of us, on some level at least, can relate to the trials which the souls in these stories face, and how they deal with them. Journey into the Soul is about six couples with very different stories. It shows how each couple’s lives entwine, sometimes turning everything upside down. When the power of love comes into play, we can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, discover deep human emotions, and come to understand how the heart heals, despite adversities.


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